A.I. Photo Detection

We are producing snowballing amounts of digital images. Thousands of pictures could be taken at just one event. As a photographer, trying to remember what’s included in every snap is impossible. That’s why we’ve introduced a feature that’s elevating image discovery to a whole new level.

What is Photo Detection?

It’s a free feature that uses artificial intelligence to help you discover photos by the objects that appear within them.

How Does It Work?

Search phrases like ‘cup’, ‘phone’, ‘friend’ or ‘wedding’ and our technology will serve up the relevant results in seconds. It’s accurate and fast. This is a feature that’s not currently available within traditional backup services.

Tag Cloud

Photography is a visual medium. So it only makes sense to add a tag cloud that will give a dynamic illustration of what you like to take photos of. The size of each tag is determined by how many times that particular tag has been assigned to images.

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