SaaS File Discovery

The rise of SaaS has increased the amount of data scattered across multiple services. Wouldn’t it be easier to merge all your information into one single location?

Welcome to the BigMIND way

Seamless discovery of your SaaS data


Find anything, anytime

Connect your existing environment to find your documents, photos and videos in record time.


BigMIND can search in, or across services like Dropbox, Facebook and Box. This makes it easier to discover and access data from your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Content search

Trying to locate a document across all your cloud services can be time-consuming. Our file discovery capability lets you find files by content, not just filenames. And, if you wanted greater file organization, you can tag one or many files for easier reference.


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Photo Detection

We’ve enriched the experience of discovering images. Our A.I. Photo Detection tool gives users a unique way of searching their photos; by the objects that appear within them.


Perfect for businesses who want relevant results at lightning speed.


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Video streaming

Got videos stored on your Dropbox, OneDrive or Facebook account? Stream them through one service without any delay. In just a few clicks, you can share files with colleagues and clients – no matter the size.


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Centralize the data from your cloud services into one mobile app. Discover, backup and access all your files online or offline.


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Data intelligence & machine learning

Discover the true potential of your data across all your devices, platforms and services using the power of machine learning for your text, images, and videos.

Our technology supports the following services:

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