SaaS Protection

Data loss are two words that strike fear into the hearts of IT professionals everywhere. You need a reliable partner to back up your SaaS data. That’s where we come in.

Centralized control of your valuable data assets


Better business resiliency

Every file uploaded from your cloud service is protected for life. Once connected, your data is recoverable immediately. And, any file that’s modified or changed is also stored with our versioning service.

Automatic backup

Connect your existing environment and enjoy continuous regardless of the file size. Whether it’s scheduled hourly, weekly or monthly – just set it and forget it!

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Designed for massive data

We don’t claim to support huge amounts of data, we actually do! BigMIND is built to handle millions and millions of files from multiple sources. Whether you have Terabytes or Petabytes of data, we’ve got you covered!

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Extra layer of security

Security is priority for any business. Backing up your data to BigMIND gives you centralized of your valuable data assets.

With BigMIND, you no longer have to worry about outages, storage space or server failure. We also ensure the integrity of your data with military-grade encryption once a file is uploaded to our servers.
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Complete users management

As an administrator, you have complete control over your users. You can easily oversee accounts and devices used. You can also suspend, monitor or archive user data.

Prevent unauthorised access

Get a comprehensive overview of your data with BigMIND’ Audit Log. Track your account activity in real-time to prevent unauthorized access and undo human error. Our Audit Log will also ensure you are regulatory compliant.

Improve security and compliance by minimizing the risk of data loss.
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