Storage Types

Costs can grow substantially when you go from Terabytes to Petabytes worth of data. At BigMIND, we’ve introduced 4 storage types in order to help businesses find the most affordable solution.

Hot Storage

Access your critical data on demand. BigMIND intelligently stores all reduced size items on Hot Storage for faster recovery. Our technology is integrated with the secure and reliable Amazon S3.

Cold Storage

Inexpensive Cloud storage, based on Amazon Glacier, which is suitable to store large amounts of data that is rarely accessed.

Media Storage

Automatically stores an optimized version of all media assets (videos, audio, and photos) for instant viewing, previewing and sharing. We also store the original full-sized file on Cold Storage for archiving.


If your storage needs are more dynamic, our Hybrid+ offering might be the option for you. By adding a local storage layer to the existing Hot, Cold and Media storages, you can benefit from faster recovery, as restores will be prioritized from the local source. And with our Bring Your Own Hard Disk technology (BYOHD), you can use any storage media as all devices are compatible.

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