Cold Storage(TM)

Cold Storage(TM) is an extremely low cost storage that provides an optimal, secure and reliable storage solution for your data for a lifetime.

Average cost of backup
LTO-3 Tape
On Premises

Cold Storage overcame the limitations of Amazon Glacier with:


  • Zero Restore Cost: By leveraging 5% retrieval quota of our 5PB+ storage
  • Zero Restore Time: Cut the 3-12 hours Glacier waiting time with local backup via Hybrid+
  • Zero Learning Curve: Automatic and easy access to the data
  • Zero Knowledge: With 3 levels of 256-AES Encryption


To learn more about Cold Storage’s advantage over Amazon Glacier, click here.

Additional Features:


  • Automatic: Cold storage files are backed up with the rest of your files instantly
  • Easy data Selection: Use Smart Selection, add files and folders to Cold Storage and Zoolz will do the rest
  • Lifetime Storage: Store all your retired media without additional costs and Zoolz will store them forever
  • On premises replacement: Replace your prone to corruption externals, tapes, SANs and NASs
  • Fast and Easy deployment via Active Directory, Email invites, or CSV import
  • Configure backups and add permissions remotely with Policies
  • Fully featured product with backup scheduling, bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, file retention, and more
  • Incremental: After the first backup, only new and changed files will be backed up
  • Block Level Backup: Backs up only block changes of large files such as Outlook PST
  • Preview thumbnails of your photos and RAW images
  • Durable and reliable: Your data will be stored redundantly over multiple facilities and on multiple devices in each facility
  • Deduplication technology: Files are compared against 3 levels of deduplication; machine, company, and global, before being processed to avoid re-uploading duplicated files
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