Video surveillance systems are real-time, resource intensive applications that typically run 7x24x365 in a streaming mode, resources and storage requirements are extreme.


Zoolz provides the most easiest, cost effective solution to comply with your retention and storage needs.

Cost of storing 10TB of CCTV (per year)

What Zoolz offers to CCTV

Low Cost


With Zoolz Cold Storage Technology, store massive amounts of Data with a fraction of the cost




Zoolz will automatically backup newly produced footage from your external devices without any intervention


CCTV file support


Zoolz supports backing up all file formats CCTV produces as well as providing image previews of camera snapshots



Data Retention Policies


You can specify how long you wish to keep the footage needed on our servers and we will handle the rest.


World Renowned infrastructure


Zoolz resides on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, a brand trusted by the government and 1000s of companies.


Designed for massive Data


We start our pricing and focused our design where others stopped; 1TB+.


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