Education is the future and without proper protection of these valuable assets, the future is at stake.


With Zoolz you can continuously protect all your data from all computers and servers at a extremely low cost.

What Zoolz offers educational institutions

Automatic Backup


Continuous protection of all your files and data. just set it and forget it!


Data Retention Policies


You can specify how long you wish to keep your data for archival purposes.


Unlimited users


Our Cold Storage plans come with unlimited users and servers so you can protect all your data with a flat fee.


The most affordable price


Thanks for robust and most reliable cold storage and instant storage technology that leverage Amazon AWS


Special Discounts


We offer special discounts for Educational institutions, contact us for more details.




Zoolz is very easy to use that does not need a dedicated IT department.


Undo human error


Deleted records can be retrieved as Zoolz is designed for lifetime storage


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