Patient confidentiality is our top priority as well as is it for you.

Here at Zoolz, we have adopted 3 levels of 256-AES encryption, automatic backups and much more, to provide the highest level of protection for this sensitive data.

What Zoolz offers to Healthcare

HIPAA Compliance


Zoolz 256- AES machine level encryption aids you to comply with HIPAA regulations


Automatic Backup


Continuous protection of all your patient’s files and data of all servers and computers


Data Retention Policies


You can specify how long you wish to keep the records on our servers and we will handle the rest


X-Ray Preview


Zoolz provides a centralized web console where you can preview all your X-Ray images without any hassle


World Renowned infrastructure


Zoolz resides on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, a brand trusted by the government and 1000s of companies




Zoolz is very easy to use that does not need a dedicated IT department


Undo human error


Deleted records can be retrieved as Zoolz is designed for lifetime storage


Easy search and browse


Zoolz preserves the folder structure of your data, so you can access your content as if it was stored locally. Zoolz also provides search capabilities


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