While designing Zoolz, we wanted to address photographers’ specific requirements for an online backup service. In fact, we hired professional photographers as consultants to help us design Zoolz in order to meet those needs. With Zoolz, you can enjoy a fully featured backup product that is tailored to your needs.

What Zoolz offers to photographers

Low Cost


With Zoolz Cold Storage Technology, store massive amounts of Data with a fraction of the cost


Supports External drives


Zoolz will automatically back up newly produced images from your external devices without any intervention


Easy search and browse


Zoolz preserves the folder structure of your data, so you can access your content as if it was stored locally. Zoolz also provides search capabilities


RAW footage support


Zoolz supports backing up all RAW formats and generates image previews for RAW images


Photo Preview


Zoolz provides a centralized web console where you can preview all your RAW images and jpg without any hassle


Designed for massive Data


We start our pricing and focused our design where others stopped; 1TB+.


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