Tape Replacement

Tape’s innate sensitivity contributes to high failure rates. Backup and recovery experts estimate that anywhere from 42 to 71 percent of tape restores fail.

Nonetheless, tapes are seldomly encrypted, therefore, we introduce Zoolz to provide a secure, cost effective solution to archive all your data.

Cost of storing 10TB (per year)

What Zoolz offers you

Low Cost


With Zoolz Cold Storage Technology, store massive amounts of Data with a fraction of the cost


256 AES encryption


All your data is encrypted with 3 levels of Zero knowledge encryption




Data is redundantly stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities within a region, designed to provide a durability of 99.999999999%


World Renowned infrastructure


Zoolz resides on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure, a brand trusted by the government and 1000s of companies


Data Retention Policies


You can specify how long you wish to keep the data on our servers and we will handle the rest.


Easy search and browse


Zoolz preserves the folder structure of your data, so you can access your content as if it was stored locally. Zoolz also provides search capabilities


Designed for massive Data


We start our pricing and focused our design where others stopped; 1TB+.


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