• Deep Freeze (archive)
  • Conventional Backup

What you get

*Deep Freeze™ is a brand new and innovative backup solution best suited to securely store data that is critical, but infrequently accessed.
Restore time is 5-12 hours

  • monthly
  • yearly

  • Small Business
  • 1TB
  • $16.67/month
    (paid annually)


  • Business
  • 5TB
  • $83.33/month
    (paid annually)

  • Enterprise
  • 10TB
  • $166.67/month
    (paid annually)

  • Custom
  • If you’re a data superpower, please contact us to find out more about our enterprise plans


What you get

Premium support

30 days money back guarantee

Unlimited external servers

Simple, complete administration, policy control & user management

Unbreakable AES-256 data encryption

Unlimited network-attached storage (NAS) and external devices

24/7 access to help center & live support

10 Years experience, Amazon AWS, and 1000s of businesses

State-of-the-art infrastructure based on Amazon Web Services

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