In Action

From law firms to medical practices, thousands of businesses trust Zoolz as their archive and backup solution. We’ve talked to customers, business and industry experts across different fields to give you the customized experience for your business.

Zoolz for you:


Highest level of protection for this sensitive sector


Cost effective solution to archive gigantic media projects


Fully featured product tailored for all photography needs


A solution that complies with retention and footage storage


Patient confidentiality is top priority; Zoolz provides the highest level of protection

Tape Replacement

Tape’s innate sensitivity and high failure rates are no more with Zoolz


Deleted records can be retrieved as Zoolz is designed for lifetime archiving storage


Focus on tax season instead of getting sidetracked with saving files


Protect all your data from all computers and servers at a extremely low cost


Focus your time, budget, and resources on what really matters

Protect your business today! 1 TB for only $15.00/month

30-day money back Guarantee

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