Zoolz Videos

Step-by-step videos to learn more on how you can utilize Zoolz features to achieve your data protection goals.

How to Add Users


Learn how easy it is to add Users via email invites, manual add, bulk upload, or using Active Directory deployment (details on Active Directory deployment are in a separate video).

How to Add Servers


Adding a Windows Server for backup with Zoolz has never been easier! Just follow this video to learn more.

How to Manage Users/Servers


In this video, you will learn how to activate, suspend, delete your users and Servers. You will also learn how to assign policies and apply labels for better user organization.

How to Configure Backups


This video will demonstrate how to select your data and apply backup settings to setup a backup from the client software.

How to Restore


Zoolz restore provides 3 ways to restore data; from the client software, from the web or via our mobile app. In this video, we will provide you an overview on the first 2 ways.

How to Perform Remote Restore


In this video, you will learn how to recover your data from the web and either directly download it or restore it remotely to a target machine.

Create Policies


Learn how to select data and apply backup settings all from the web, so you can assign these policies for your users.

Access Data Remotely


This video shows how to use My Computers tab to access your data, share data, view file versions, drag-drop files to the web console, and more.

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