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  • Continuous data protection that monitors file changes
  • Back up everything, desktops, laptops, servers, external drives and Network drives
  • Scheduled backups
  • Multiple performance modes; turbo, smart, battery saving and presentation
  • Step-by-step backup configuration wizard
  • Easy to use data selection
  • Advanced file filtering, by type, size, date and expression
  • Pause/Resume backups
  • The ability to back up open files
  • Block level backups for large files
  • 3 level deduplication; machine level, company level, and global
  • Smart file/folder rename detection, files will not be uploaded twice
  • Lightweight client, all major operation are done on the backend servers
  • Military level 256-AES encryption of files
  • Back up any file no matter how large
  • Intelligent bulk upload of small files for faster backups


  • Highly secure military level AES encryption of files before leaving the computer
  • Secure transfer of all files with 256 AES
  • Secure 256-AES server side encryption
  • Complies will all laws and regulations for safely processing, transferring, and storing data
  • On the fly decryption when the file is needed

Backup Policies

  • Supports user defined or Admin defined backups
  • The ability to configure the user’s data selection, privileges, and settings all from one centralized location
  • File retention rules
  • Advanced file filtering options by wildcards or regular expressions
  • Filter by size and date
  • Set backup frequency or schedule
  • Throttle and schedule internet bandwidth usage
  • Easy to use Smart Selection
  • Set backup performance modes
  • Global Exclude by wildcards

Mobile Apps (Work on the go)

  • Share files no matter how large with a tap
  • Listen to your music
  • Access your encrypted documents instantly
  • Save documents, music and photos to your mobile


  • Backup and restore activity
  • System alerts
  • Client locator to locate your clients across the globe
  • Bandwidth usage monitor
  • Storage usage monitor

Windows integration

  • Backup marker to indicate any file backed up, removed and modified since the last backup
  • Right-click share for any file backed up on Zoolz
  • Add/remove files from backup with a right click

Big Data

  • Extremely inexpensive storage for companies with large amounts of data
  • Ability to bypass internet upload by shipping data using external medium with Zoolz Import/Export
  • Preview backed up data before restoring
  • Supports 3 levels of Deduplication
  • Block level support
  • File Retention policies

Enterprise level web core

  • Leverages Amazon’s AWS highly reliable and secure infrastructure
  • Most computation is done on the back end
  • Automatic purging by days and versions
  • Smart deduplication algorithm that supports encrypted files
  • Secure 256-AES server Side Encryption
  • On the fly decryption of shared and streamed files
  • Share files privately and securely via email, link generation
  • On the fly decryption of files when demanded
  • The ability to expire links after one download or by days
  • Password protection to secure shares
  • Unshare links with ease
  • No limitation of number of downloads or sharing file size

Cold Storage

  • Instant backup for rarely accessed files
  • Designed for archiving purposes
  • Easy to use data selection
  • Extremely low cost: 1 TB unlimited users and servers for only $21/mo.
  • Zero restore cost
  • View backed up photos
  • Remote restore

User Management

  • Add new users locally and globally with ease with simple email invites
  • Deploy to 100s of users via Active Directory Deployment
  • The ability to suspend, archive, delete computers and users with easePolicy changes are reflected to the clients instantly
  • Policy changes are reflected to the clients instantlySet storage limit and file retention
  • Set storage limit and file retention
  • Multiple admin support
  • Labels for easier organization
  • Define a policy or allow the user to configure their backup

Access files anywhere

  • Easy to use web viewer to download share files/folders with a click
  • No download limitations on file size or number of files
  • On-the-fly decryption of files
  • List and Tile view of all files
  • Remotely restore any file to any Computer
  • Instant search
  • Show and recover deleted files
  • Thumbnail preview of raw camera format of images
  • Permanently delete files that have been mistakenly backed up
  • Sharing management to retrieve shared links, retire shares, and set/disable password protection
  • Easy switching between multiple computers under the same account
  • Right-click windows explorer like options on files and folders
  • Drag-drop files to any folder location
  • Keyboard shortcuts for easy manipulation


  • Restore from web or client
  • The ability to restore and resume backups
  • Step by step easy to use restore
  • Remotely restore files to your device
  • Restore to original or alternate location
  • Intelligent bulk download of files and multi-task restore for faster restores


  • Back up Windows Servers
  • Continuous Data Protection; constantly monitors changes
  • Server level deduplication that supports encrypted drives
  • Back up while logged off
  • Open File backup support
  • Block level backups of large files
  • Assign policies remotely