Why Genie Backup Manager Home

Genie Backup Manager Home is ideal for users who

want full control of their backup procedures.


Fully Featured Backup product

With 3 backup types, Disaster recovery, backup to local,

external, CD/DVD/Blu-ray and FTP/FTPS GBM can

comply with any backup plan.



Secure your backup with 128-bit

AES encryption or password protection.

For 256-AES encryption, try GBM Pro.


Track your backup wherever you go

Receive email notifications of your

backup status directly to your inbox.


Recover your entire system in case of disasters

Use disaster recovery to keep your entire system safe

from virus attacks, computer crashes, and hardware

failures and ensure business continuity.


Access backups without the need for the software

Use the swift restore option to restore your entire backup on any machine; no installation required, or backup without compression to view and access your backups directly from Windows Explorer.


Full control over your backup procedure

Force a backup to run at any time, suppress

backups  while running on batteries, and

schedule backups to run on your schedule.


Resource Friendly

Power down your computer after backup, run backups

while logged off, and control how much GBM can

take from your resources with a few clicks.

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