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All the official logos, brand description, screenshots and information provided below are at your disposal to be used in the proper context.


The BigMIND logo comprises of the below displayed name. Kindly note that no alteration to the logo are acceptable and thus will deem the context it is affiliated with as false..

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BigMIND Product Description

Description for BigMIND Home:
The inaugural cloud solution providing a long-term storage unit, for your entire data, on every single one of your external, internal and network drives. It is noteworthy, that BigMIND is the only cloud solution that keeps your data even when you disconnect your drives. A truly lifetime storage for a pivotal price.

Description for BigMIND Business:
The ultimate cloud solution for any business; with feature ranging from Cold Storage technology (that permits the archival of countless numbers of terabytes at marginal cost) all the way to the Hybrid+ technology, that was engineered to prioritize restore from the local repository if available; thus achieving an unprecedented Zero Restore Time.

Description for Cold Storage:
Cold StorageTM is the only economical storage in our day and age that provides a matchless, secure and unequivocal storage solution for data that is infrequently used. Keeping in mind, that users are aiming to achieve a lifetime storage, Cold Storage was designed to realize this vision with duplicating the files over multiple facilities across the globe. Even though hardware failure is inevitable, BigMIND is here to protect your files no matter what.

BigMIND Screenshots

Screenshots of BigMIND’s web console, BigMIND client, BigMIND context menu and BigMIND mobile app. These can be used for article proposes, blog posts, press releases, media as well as any other BigMIND related feature in the news.

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For More screenshots follow this link:
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