How To Sell?

Rapidly grow your revenue.

Plenty of providers will claim they can help you increase profit margins. But, with high prices and an outdated solution, it’s unrealistic. This isn’t a problem that you’ll have with BigMIND. Drive customer satisfaction by:

Selling The Benefits

No technical jargon. Highlight the value and focus on the benefits of the solution. Demonstrate how BigMIND can boost productivity, lower costs and mitigate risk. Highlight how it can backup, manage and analyze millions of files. Want to gain a competitive advantage? Start by offering REAL value.

Offering Flexible Pricing

We give you the freedom to set your own pricing model. As a partner, you can create tailored packages to suit your customers needs. You already have a forward-thinking product, now you need a forward-thinking approach when it comes to pricing.

Highlighting Company Values

Sold the benefits? Got your pricing right? Now it’s time to go above and beyond for your customers.. Understand their customers needs and engage with them. This is a great way to increase brand loyalty and ensure you generate recurring business.

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How To Generate Revenue?

The surefire way to making a profit.

In such a crowded marketplace, the only way to generate a healthy profit is to have a superior platform. So, that’s why we created BigMIND Cloud.

Customizable Features

BigMIND offers a powerful set of capabilities that can work for any SMB or Enterprise. Unlike other programs, we give you the freedom to cherry pick the capabilities you wish to sell. If one customer needs Instant File Discovery, but another needs Photo Detection, you have the flexibility to accommodate any requirement. What better way to gain a competitive edge?

Zero Investment

No more up-front partnership fees. With our top-up system, pay only for what you use each month. Get a quick return by having the flexibility to charge customers monthly or yearly. With BigMIND, you’re not tied into long-term contracts. Our goal is to get you making money fast.

Expand Into New Markets

Broaden your horizons and grow your market share. We’ve built a comprehensive solution that can be resold to a wide variety of industries. Deliver unique opportunities to companies within sectors like Healthcare, Media, Legal, Finance, Non-Profit and many others. Don’t forget you can also sell to home users.

Set Your Own Prices

This is one of the best ways to increase your profit margins. Choose the amount of Cold or Hot storage you need from us, and sell to your customers at a price you determine. We have no control over the prices you set. We just provide the platform.

One Simple Platform

Clunky and difficult to use systems populate the market. It’s not conducive for business or home users. Offer an intuitive system that can be used by anybody. Your customers don’t need to be IT experts or have an IT degree. We’ve simplified the cloud.

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What Industries Can I Supply To?

One cross-vertical platform.

Different industries and department have varying needs. In an increasingly competitive landscape, it’s vital to be able to deliver services based on what your customers want. As a BigMIND Partner, you can resell our A.I. Data Cloud to a number of verticals including:

For Business Users:

Media & Photography
Real Estate
Design & Architecture

For Home Users:

Offer an amazing Home edition with media streaming and mobile backup capabilities. Choose between white-labelling the solution or selling the BigMIND brand.

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