Accelerate product development.

This program is specifically designed for organizations who are interested in embedding BigMIND Cloud into their product. Partners around the world use BigMIND’ flexible platform to add greater value to their applications.
Unstructured data is growing at an alarming rate. What’s required is a smart platform where users can instantly protect, access and organize their private data, in one single location or app.
Our A.I. Cloud processes large volumes of unstructured data at great speed, giving your customers a unique way to organize, access and protect their private data. Add value and give your company a competitive edge in a global marketplace.

Product Features

Accelerate product development with a provider at the forefront of backup technology.
Partnering with BigMIND gives you the opportunity to white-label the following features:

Media Streaming

Watch HD or 4K videos without buffering. Stream audio files without skipping a beat.

Photo Detection

Search photos by the objects that appear within them with our A.I. technology.

Instant File Discovery

No need to remember filenames. Search documents, PDFs and scanned images by content.

Ultra-Secure Backup

We use the same security infrastructure as Netflix and NASA.

Unified Cloud

Backup mobiles, computers and services like Dropbox, Facebook and Box into one location.

OEM Partner benefits

Save your product and engineering teams time and money by partnering with a trusted name.

Exclusive discounts
Reduce time to market
Deployment Flexibility
Data Level APIs available
Full support and resources
Tried and tested systems integration

If you’d like more on our OEM Partner Program, please contact us today.

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