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Why Become a BigMIND Cloud Backup Partner?

Multiple Partner Models

Wide range of partner options, whether you’re a small service provider or global service provider

White Label Solution

Apply your brand identity & sell cloud backup as if it’s your solution while determining your prices

Pay As You Go

Pay only for what you need via a prepaid credit system without contracts or commitments

Maximize Your Profits

An incentive-based business model that allows you to control your margins with a recurring and growing subscription-based business

Fully Automated

Complete set of APIs that enables you to integrate BigMIND with your website & billing system

How to Join?

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Enter your details and sign up for free

Set your Account

Prepare Your Account & Connect the APIs

Start Selling Cloud Backup

Top-up your account & start selling cloud storage

Offering You More

Tailored SolutionHonest Service

Elevate your IT solutions by becoming a cloud backup provider & acquiring an award-winning cloud backup solution that’s designed around Managed Service Providers & Cloud Service Providers

Host Your Own Mobile A.I. Cloud Storage Solution

Innovative mobile cloud backup solution for service providers that protects all the files on your device, organizes them for you, and helps you quickly search through your photos using powerful AI technology. We bring the future of cloud storage to you.

eDiscovery: Forget file names easily? Now, you can do a keyword search for words and phrases that you remember from them. 

A.I. Object Detection: Whether pictures of your pet, selfies from your recent holiday, or cute pictures of your child, you can look for photos by objects that appear within them.

Social Media & SaaS Integration: Connect and backup your Dropbox, Facebook, Google Drive, and Box accounts, and many others, to automatically access files whenever you need them. 

End-User Features

Disaster Recovery Backup

Secure your users data with our new Disaster Recovery cloud backup

Office 365 Business Backup

Work with ease, with BigMIND’s enterprise-class, user-friendly and secure Microsoft 365 backup


No need to remember file names anymore. Search files instantly by content & keywords, just like search engines

A.I. Photo Detection

Discover images by objects that appear within them

Object Character Recognition

OCR. Transform scanned documents & image files with text in them to searchable content. Supports 20 languages

MS SQL Backup

Backup MS SQL Servers with no limitation to the number of databases under that server

Business Success Stories

How did we help businesses achieving their goals?

“Fantastic Solution!”

“BigMIND helped our company increasing the number of clients by 45% in the first 2-months!”

Nancy Smith

Managed Services Manager

“Plug & Play, Really!”

“We’ve installed, prepared, & offered the solution within 30-minutes!
BigMIND is awesome :)”

Jacob Morell

Cloud Service Provider

“120% Profit Boost”

“Since we joined the program, we saw a 120% increase in profit.”

Newton West

IT Services Provider

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