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Amazon Glacier vs. Zoolz

Amazon Glacier

1. Sign up for an AWS Account

2. Download and install an SDK (learn how to code)

3. Create a vault by signing in, selecting your region, naming the vault, triggering notifications

4. Upload to your Vault, by creating a program to use the API.

5. Either zip all your data in one big file, or place in your code your file selections

6. Execute the code

7. Maintain an index to map your files in the archive

8. Repeat steps 5, 6, and 7 for every change you need to upload


1. Sign up for a Zoolz Account

2. Download and install the setup

3. Create a backup by signing in, Selecting what to backup, set your backup settings

4. You’re done, your backup will run automatically and take all file changes.

Cost for 1 TB

+ Code lessons or purchasing a software

Time to configure

Depends how good you are in programming; more than an hour

Cost for 1 TB


Time to configure

Less than 5 minutes

Amazon Glacier

1. Access your map index to find out which Archive ID you need to retrieve your files

2. Create a script to retrieve your data from the vault

3. Execute the script

4. Wait 3-5 hours to download

5. Download your files

6. Sort out which file goes where

7. Place them in their correct locations


1. Go to the restore and select specific files you want to restore

2. Start Restore

3. You’re done, Zoolz will restore everything in its correct location

Cost for restoring 1TB

$1,900 +

Minimum to restore first file

3-5 hours just to get the files

Cost for restoring 1TB


Minimum to restore first file

0 – 5 hours


Amazon Glacier


Automatic backup of new and changed files  – check_blue
 Restore time  3-5 hour wait, plus download time Zero Time thanks to Hybrid+
 Added costs  check_blue $0 (zero added cost)
 Photo Preview for jpg and RAW images  check_blue
 2x the protection with local  check_blue

(with Hybrid +)
 Encrypt your files before leaving your machine  check_blue
 Enterprise level features such as user management, deployment, policies and more  – check_blue
Fully featured product check_blue