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About Zoolz

Zoolz is the first service to leverage Amazon Glacier technology in an intuitive way to provide easy data tiering and complete users management system using Cold Storage Technology; making it easy for businesses to backup and archive within the same solution at an extremely low cost. Cold Storage also enables instant data view, image preview, and search to access and restore archived data with ease.


Zoolz is designed with big data in mind; it eliminates the need to invest heavily for backing up your big data to expensive storage, paying up-front capital for future expansion, or paying for overpriced storage for rarely accessed data. It provides durability, security and reliability at a very affordable price.


Founded in 2010, Zoolz is based in London, UK.

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Company Headquarters:
26 – 28 Hammersmith Grove, Hammersmith, London W6 7BA
United Kingdom


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