BigMIND Partner Program

An AI Cloud Built To Monetize. Elevate Your IT Service.

Why Sell BigMIND Cloud?

Whether you’re starting out or adding a new service to your business, our partner program offers an opportunity to supply a game-changing solution that can increase your profits, while meeting the needs of your customers.

System Features

Only pay for what you want to use.

Instant File Discovery
Ultra-Secure Backup
Top-Up Payment System
Content Analyzation (Learn more)
Media Streaming (Learn more)
Photo Detection (Learn more)
Mobile Backups / Discovery (Learn more)
Servers Backup
SQL Backup
Complete Users & Servers Management
Instant & Archive Storage Options
OCR Engine (Learn more)


Zero investment
Fully automated system
Customizable platform
Set your own pricing
Brand as your own

*no credit card required

What Can You Monetize?

Unlock the true potential of the cloud.

Storage & Users

Meet the requirements of customers by supplying ultra-secure storage, servers and users. Did we mention you can set your own prices too!

Photo Detection

Demonstrate your IT Service is ahead of the curve, and enable your customers to discover their photos by the objects and items that appear within them.

Optical Character Recognition

Finding scanned documents has never been easier! Our OCR engine analyzes the text of all PDFs, JPEGs and TIFF files and makes them discoverable by content.

Instant File Discovery

Search files instantly. Users can locate documents by keywords and content. Speed up your customer’s workflow. *only available for business users

Mobile Backup

Customers can stay closer to their files. Enable customers to backup and access all their photos, videos and documents anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Media Streaming

Got home and business users generating a lot of content? Supply a no-buffering service that can securely store large video and audio files.

SQL Backup

The best way to demonstrate you’re serious about file protection, is by supplying a service that can backup databases.

SaaS Backup

Allow customers to backup and access their Dropbox, Facebook and Box accounts from one location.

How BigMIND Can Increase Your Revenue?

Build and sustain a long-lasting business.

Our goal is to enable you to make as much money as possible. Our innovative cloud platform gives you an opportunity to:

Customize A Superior Product

Deliver a trendsetting A.I. cloud that’s unique to the market. Stop wasting time selling an outdated system and sell a system focused on the needs of your customers.

Set Your Own Pricing

Start making money instantly. Get a head-start on the competition by selling storage and users at a price you determine.

Offer A Simple Solution

Everyone loves a user-friendly system! There is no technical skill required to use BigMIND. Get customers up and running in minutes.

Expand Into New Markets

Sky’s the limit with BigMIND. Target SMBs and Enterprises within a range of industries like healthcare, media, legal, photography, and many others.

Start With Zero Investment

You heard us right! No up-front partnership fees. Use our unique top-up model to only pay for what you need. Make money fast by charging customers monthly or yearly.

Sell The First A.I. Backup

In a competitive marketplace, you need a strong product to stand out. Improve the reputation of your brand by being the first to hop on the A.I. train.

How To Start?

Improve brand reputation.

In less than 5 minutes, you can be on your way to a successful and thriving cloud business.

Enter your details and sign up for free.

Choose from one of our programs that suit your business.

Top-up your account and start selling.

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