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What is Microsoft 365 Backup?

Reasons your Users Need Backup for Office 365

Prevents Security Threats

Manage user errors, file deletion, and receive warnings concerning potential ransomware attacks

Maintains Compliance

Guarantees regular compliance with retention policies and prevents data loss in deactivated subscriptions

Enhance Business Productivity

Shorter recovery times help maintain your business with the fastest granular restore available

Microsoft 365 Exchange Online Backup

Backup Microsoft Exchange Online files, attachments, emails and easily archive mailboxes and calendar at your convenience. Recovery is easy with features like email attachment and content previews; you can even send emails right from the backup.

Microsoft 365 Onedrive Business Backup

Backup your Microsoft Onedrive for business files and folders, retain and restore associated data, including access permissions, To further enhance the recovery process, you can download content automatically from the backup and use it when needed

Microsoft 365 Sharepoint Online Backup

Backup Microsoft Sharepoint Online site collections, team sites, communication sites, and all access permission settings. Granularly recover all critical items and download files directly from the backup if necessary

Why BigMIND Backup?

What makes the solution unique?

Agentless Backup

Simple configuration & maintenance, with no need to agent-install, as BigMIND runs an agent in the secure cloud.

Quickly Search Backup

Search for Microsoft 365 files and access them automatically, before recovering. Download the file or attachment and send it by email right from the backup

Granular Takes Seconds

Prevents downtime in the business process, as recovery takes seconds. Granularly backup & restore pieces of data, including contacts, websites, personal emails and attachments

Give your clients confidence that their Office 365 data is protected and secure, even in the event of a cyberattack, with our proven and trusted backup solutions.
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