About Us

Zoolz is a market-leading provider of cloud storage solutions, designed to elevate your data management experience. Our mission is to offer affordable, secure, and user-friendly cloud storage for businesses and individuals alike.

Who We Are

We’re not just another cloud storage provider; we’re your intelligent choice for data backup and accessibility. Our platform is engineered for simplicity and efficiency, allowing you to backup and access your big data effortlessly.

Our Breakthrough Product – BigMIND

We tackle the growing challenge of unstructured data with our revolutionary product, BigMIND. Unlike traditional storage methods, BigMIND goes beyond just storing your files. It analyzes, structures, and encrypts your data, making it as easy to find as a quick search engine query. That’s why over 3 million users globally trust Zoolz.

Company Values


We don’t just lead; we empower our people to become champions of innovation and achievement.


All our products are built in-house. We thrive on pushing the boundaries of technology, especially with groundbreaking products like BigMIND.


Our customers are our priority. We offer personalized, attentive service to each and every one.


Trust is the cornerstone of all our relationships. We operate with honesty and respect, valuing every interaction.


We are unwavering in our commitment to exceed client expectations. Integrity is at the core of our high standard of service.


Our strength lies in our unity. We are constantly collaborating to deliver the highest quality service to our customers.

Our Global Partners

Our Clients