The All-in-One Cloud

BigMIND is a complete solution that meets all of its user’s needs through a secure, flexible, and smart system

The Future of Cloud Storage

BigMIND breaks with tradition, pioneering its own unique structure of cloud backup.

BigMIND fulfills the typical cloud promises of storage, organization, and protection, but takes a huge leap forward for the industry.

A unique mix of tried-and-true features with a new, intelligent twist, BigMIND has the power to revolutionise businesses.

Automatic Backup

BigMIND makes it easier to automatically back up your files from any data source, all from one location.

  • PC
  • MAC
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Server
  • NAS
We also support
  • Facebook
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Dropbox
  • box
  • Instagram


Eliminates copies of repeating data across three different levels: machine, computer, and global

Block Level

Saves time and bandwidth consumption by backing up only the amended blocks of a large file


Uses on-the-fly decryption to reduce bandwidth consumption

Group Upload

Takes the strain off the server by grouping smaller files into one backup request

Artificial Intelligence

BigMIND is powered by an intelligent machine brain that makes your experience easier, faster, and smarter.

Your search request goes beyond just file names; it also searches file contents and tags, and even objects within images.

Our smart optical character recognition (OCR) engine locates text — in 22 different languages — in any image, scanned document, receipt, or contract and makes it searchable.

With our precise facial recognition and photo detection technology, BigMIND lets you organize and access your photos easier than ever before.

In this new digital era, we produce a nearly endless amount of photos, where thousands can be taken at just a single event. As a photographer, trying to remember what’s in every shot is impossible. Our advanced object detection feature does the work for you, taking image discovery to a whole new level.

What is photo detection?
Photo detection, a complimentary feature unique to BigMIND, uses artificial intelligence to help you discover photos based on objects that appear within them.


How does it work?
Search for words like ‘cup,’ ‘phone,’ ‘friend,’ or ‘wedding,’ and our technology will identify these objects in your images, providing you with accurate results in seconds.

Our A.I. engine automatically generates descriptions of images. After scanning and analyzing your photos, the engine will automatically suggest three descriptions of each one, providing information on people, objects, places, and actions.


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The Amazon Alexa Voice Service is the brain behind tens of millions of devices like the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show.

Now, you can use Alexa with BigMIND. With a simple voice command, you can view photos, play videos, and enjoy all your backed-up memories.

Our A.I. engine automatically transcribes all video and audio files on your devices, letting you search through your data on a whole new level. You can:


  • Search for keywords in the transcribed text of millions of your video and audio files, and instantly call up those that contain the keywords.
    The A.I. engine will even show you the exact place in the video or audio file where the keywords can be found.


  • Download the automatically generated transcripts of your video and audio files with a single click.


BigMIND is built entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world leader in cloud computing. AWS complies with a long list of global regulations and industry standards, thus positioning BigMIND to represent the same level of excellence and offer equally robust and trustworthy services to various industries.

Quick Information & highlights on GDPR
BigMIND Data Processing Agreement

User Management

BigMIND has a centralized administration console, where you can deploy, configure, grant access, audit and restore data to users all without having to leave your seat.

Instantly activate, suspend, and delete users, reset passwords, set storage limits, and assign new backup policies.

Create new policies and assign them to certain users, set limits, and configure features, all through an easy, automated process.

With Active Directory Support, the installation process is quick and easy. Similarly, with the Group Policy Object (GPO), you can implement specific configurations for users and computers. Setting this up will enable you to set sign-in credentials, backup policies, and storage limits. Once the setup is deployed, backup will also automatically begin.

Document eDiscovery

Finding your data should be stress free. BigMIND automatically sorts your files for you, making finding what you need that much easier. BigMIND organises everything: documents, financial spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations, and so much more.

Forget about file names, and start searching by words and phrases. Our technology is designed to understand different sentence structures and language variations.

Our version history lets you clearly see trails of every file stored for possible corrections. This allows preservation, retrieval, and restoration of every object version stored in your API-managed data bucket.

Maximise your storage space and set the number of days you wish to keep any file. Based on block-level backups for large files, you can limit storage amounts for each user.

Our engine can convert any scanned document into searchable data, and also extract any text from a JPEG or TIFF image.

Search content in the language you want.

Managing a large number of files assigned to one or more projects?

Rather than putting your memory to the test, categorize them by one or several tags.

Discover all data located on computers, tablets, smartphones, external drives, servers, network devices and even cloud services and software.

Media e-Discovery

Our state of the art technology provides media discovery and storage that can reduce your costs and offers an effortless way to view all of your media files on-demand in one integrated solution.

As soon as you upload a photo, the technology will begin to scan and detect all the faces within it, creating a custom thumbnail for them. Any new photos matching that person’s face, will appear under the thumbnail created.

An intelligent feature that uses artificial intelligence to help you discover photos by the objects that appear within them.
In addition, the new LifeMoji function allows intuitive search by emojis on mobile devices.

With our transcoding technology, all of your video & audio files are optimized to be fully viewable and streamable – no matter what size or format (HD, 4/8K, MP3/4).

Got a number of files that belong to a one project? Rather than putting your memory to the test, categorize them by adding one or several tags.

Search and retrieve the metadata of all your media files easily and instantly.

From day one, the system is designed to handle massive amounts of data from anywhere in the world, while providing all the intelligent features, instant access and response.

Through our smart application, all your valuable media files can also be discovered and streamed on your mobile or tablet, using all our in-built A.I. capabilities.

Enterprise Readiness

Full proven track record of serving high level enterprises

Users Permissions

Administrator Roles

Remote Restore

Active Directory Deployment


Advanced Auditing

Policy Management

Global Management

Encryption and MFA Support

Multiple Global Data-Centers

Mobile Apps

Boost collaboration and productivity with BigMIND. From a handheld device, users can discover any content from any device and also protect their data stored on their tablet or mobile phone.

Tribrid Technology

Introducing the world’s first Tribrid Backup

Not all data should be treated the same. Some users want their data at their fingertips, while others may want to store their data for archival and compliance purposes.


To solve this problem in one solution, we’ve introduced the world’s first Tribrid Backup. This method enables businesses to protect all data produced and save storage costs without sacrificing any data. This is achieved by introducing three storage types.

Video and Audio Transcription

Our A.I. engine can automatically transcribe all the video and audio files across all your devices, allowing you to take the search experience to the next level.


Search millions of your video and audio files, and get the files that has the search keyword mentioned within them instantly.

But that’s not all. When you open any of the files from your search results, the A.I. engine will even show you where exactly in the video or audio file that search keyword or phrase appears.


You also have the ability to download the automatically generated transcripts of all your video and audio files with a single click.

Data Transport

Our Import/Export service allows you to securely send your data directly to our data centers; saving you time and bandwidth instead of transferring the data over the internet.

Import/Export Via Amazon Snowball

A Snowball appliance accelerates moving large amounts of data into and out of our data centres using Amazon‐provided secure devices for transport. Using a Snowball appliance addresses the common challenges associated with large‐scale data transfers including high network costs, long transfer times, and security concerns. Transferring data with Snowball is simple, fast, secure, and can be up to 80% less expensive than high‐bandwidth Internet transfers.

Disruptive A.I. Technologies

Traditional backup services can’t keep pace with your increasing data needs. Stay ahead of the curve by using A.I. power and skyrocket your productivity

Industries We Help

Our cloud is built for a diverse range of industries


Trust in education is a fundamental and without appropriate information governance, this can be put at stake. Fortunately, BigMIND can ensure that trust isn’t broken by protecting your data with military-grade encryption. What’s more, you can find any file quickly, improving productivity without the need of a dedicated IT department.

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Healthcare organizations need to keep track of a significant amount of information. How do hospitals and clinics face the challenge of securing patient data from a malicious attack and managing a costly infrastructure, while budgets continue to fall?

That’s where we come in. Our HIPAA was founded in 1948-compliant technology can help you save money, efficiently store important medical documents and ensure your files are protected.

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Last year, over 80% of firms had some sort of data breach. Information governance is paramount to legal practices. This is why BigMIND is ideal. We’ve engineered military-grade encryption, to provide the highest levels of protection for client data that you can rely on – beyond a reasonable doubt.

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You work with a high volume of sensitive data. Losing that data would be catastrophic. The confidence of your clients would diminish.

BigMIND Cloud offers a safe and compliant service that can safeguard your financial information, allowing you to focus on serving your client’s needs.

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Tape Replacement

Tape’s innate sensitivity often contributes to high failure rates. Backup and recovery experts estimate that anywhere from 42% to 71% of tape restores fail, costing organizations thousands. Additionally, tapes are seldom encrypted, which could result in further data loss. BigMIND solves that problem and allows organizations to focus on uploading data, rather than managing video libraries – saving you time and money.

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Media files can take up to 80% of your data storage resources. Content creators and companies alike have seen an ever-increasing need for secure and reliable cloud storage.

We’ve pioneered a smart and affordable solution to securely store and access unlimited amounts of footage, project assets and audio files on-demand.

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Real Estate

Real Estate agents need to secure a high volume of sensitive data, whether it be confidential documents, floor plans, high resolution photographs and property information. BigMIND helps you securely keep these records protecting by offering military-grade encryption, allowing them to focus in serving client needs.

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Information governance is paramount to dental practices that are required to record, keep and maintain accurate medical records. Protecting this data is easier than you think. Any file uploaded to BigMIND is protected by military-grade encryption, meaning you can continue to focus on patient satisfaction. BigMIND is also HIPAA compliant.

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As early adopters to the cloud, photographers have always seen the value in cloud backup. But, with the proliferation of data, the challenge has evolved into finding an affordable solution that can protect, organize and analyze millions of photos.

Sadly, traditional backup services cannot cope with this demand. With BigMIND, you won’t have this problem. Our technology uses artificial intelligence to simplify the backup and data management process by automatically structuring and analyzing billions of files – from any data source.


Investing in IT systems to protect data is vital for non-profit organisations, but so are admin overheads. That’s why our solution is perfect. Our advanced technology offers military-grade encryption, ensuring that all personal information is protected, all at an affordable price. Our zero-knowledge approach means we never see your data.

NFPs are eligible for special pricing terms, contact us for more details.

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BigMIND In Action

BigMIND network includes 6 global data-centers protecting over 1 million users


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