In Action

Every business has a unique need. This is why we engineered a platform that is robust and flexible enough to handle the requirements of different industries. Whether you’re a law firm who need to secure their legal documents, a healthcare organization that needs accurate patient information or a broadcaster that wants to stream their videos without any interruptions, BigMIND is the ideal solution for you.


In this section, you can explore how we solve business needs for a wide range of industries.

Explore dedicated demos for wide range of industries

BigMIND for you:


Protect patient confidentiality and increase collaboration between different departments.


Streamline productivity and distribution of content from one integrated solution.


Store your memories in one cloud-based platform where you can find and share images instantly.


Protect hours of footage and securely retain video files without any hassle.


Providing practices with the highest level of data protection and governance.

Tape Replacement

Providing companies with a resilient and secure solution to tape drives.


Ensuring legal documents are kept secure and easily retrievable.


Protecting personal client data by automatically backing up files.


Helping public or private institutions maintain information with little IT resource.


Supporting NFPs to protect personal data with military-grade security.

Real Estate

Index your scanned contracts and save all property information.

Explore dedicated demos for wide range of industries
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