Meet Zoolz in 15 Points

Zoolz is designed to store countless Terras of data for a lifetime with effortless Zero Restore, leveraging Hybrid+

1. Tribrid Backup

The next-gen of hybrid is now here with Tribrid backup. Tribrid backup introduces 3 storage types; Instant, Cold and Local Storage, where you select what data to store on each storage type and Zoolz will handle the rest.

Average cost of backup

LTO-3 Tape
On Premises

2. Best Service = Best Price

Zoolz intuitive design combines enterprise level features such as scalability, centralized management, reliability, data tiering and more at a very affordable price. By leveraging AWS technology and our powerful backend, we provide a solution that will allow all businesses, no matter how large, an easy move to the cloud. Unlike other services, Zoolz does not cap bandwidth upload/download speeds nor does it set upload/download file size limitations. You can use quality cloud backup feasible for all businesses.

1TB + Unlimited Users & Servers starting from $30/mo

3. Enterprise level backend

Zoolz’s back-end resides on the secure and reliable Amazon Web Service (AWS) Infrastructure. Your backups are duplicated and stored over multiple facilities across the globe ensuring on-demand data availability.All major computation is done on the back-end cloud; offering smooth backup and minimum performance impact on your side.

4. Flexible Web viewer

Our powerful, lightweight file browser allows you to view image previews of all your RAW camera and jpeg images, instantly search all your files, share with ease, and more. You can also drag-drop to upload any files or folders anywhere and create new folders.

5. Ship Terabytes of Data

Zoolz Import / Export offers two highly-secure means to bypass the Internet and transfer massive data to our data centers:

  • Snowball Appliance: Zoolz will send you an Amazon’s Snowball appliance to ship your data on. This service is recommended for 10TB+
  • BYOHD (Bring your own Hard Disk): Copy all your data to your hard disk and ship it to us, once the transfer completes, we will wipe the disk and send it back.

6. Remote Restore

At any time, initiate restoring files to any computer from your centralized web console.Zoolz restore client will automatically restore the file to the original or an alternate location based on your preferences.

7. Easy Deployment (1000s in just 5 mins)

Zoolz simplifies the process of migrating your users to the system. With Deployment via Active Directory (Learn more), you can have your entire company’s backups running in no time.If your team is globally distributed, just send simple email invites or import a CSV file.

8. Save space and bandwidth

All files are checked for Machine level and organization level deduplication to ensure faster backups. Block level backups are taken for large files, and file retention is done either by number of days or number of versions. You can also limit for each user the amount of storage used.

9. Cold Storage: Store more, pay less

With Zoolz innovative Cold Storage, you can instantly backup all your rarely accessed files for cheaper than storing on-premises; Your files will be stored on the secure, reliable, and durable Amazon AWS that requires 3-5 hours restore time or Zero restore time with Hybrid+. Once your files are ready to be downloaded, you will receive an email to restore. Need to store photos? Zoolz provides image preview of photos stored on Cold Storage.

Secure and reliable


Zoolz encrypts your data before it leaves your machines with military level 256-AES encryption, transferred to the secure and reliable Amazon S3 servers using 256-AES encryption and stored on 256-AES encrypted Amazon S3 servers.This level of security complies with all laws and regulations for safely processing, transferring, and storing data such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, PHIPA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, FISMA, and the Joint Commission.

Continuous and smooth backups (Green Backups)


Zoolz constantly monitors for new and changed files and backs them up on your schedule. Most complex computations are performed on the cloud ensuring minimal impact on your side.You can even set bandwidth throttling to ensure that your business runs smoothly with your backups. Zoolz also runs in performance saving modes such as presentation, battery saving mode, and smart mode; which optimizes backup speed based on your computer usage.

10. Powerful user management

You can either allow your power users to configure their entire backup or configure everything for them. Zoolz enables you to set policies to specific users; specify the backup selection, backup settings, storage limit, encryption password, privileges, and more with an easy to use policy manager.There is no need for a dedicated IT administrator, the system is simple and easy to use and any changes will be pushed to the clients instantly. Retired computers can be archived with ease and users can be suspended, activated, or deleted. Multiple Admins can be assigned to the console for easier control and access.

11. Zoolz for everything

With Zoolz, you can back up computers, laptops, netbooks, Windows Servers, Mac computers, and any external or network storage attached to your computers. Zoolz protects it all.On a home computer or mobile device? No problem, open Zoolz web to access your backed up files and share securely with your collaborators.

12. Protect Servers

Zoolz supports all Windows based servers and the administrator has the option to deploy to servers policies or configure the backup directly on the server machine.

13. Keep track of your clients

With enterprise level reporting, you can see where every client is located across the globe and even check the bandwidth usage of each user.

14. Private and secure collaboration

Zoolz supports on-the-fly encryption and decryption of your files, if you wish to edit an encrypted file, just type in your password and the file will be available for editing on Google Docs or for mobile viewing.You can also enable password protection for shared files and folders, an expiration date for the download, and a delivery notification when accessed to ensure a safe delivery.

15. Mobile access

With our intuitive on-the-fly decryption, you can access your encrypted backed up files, view photos, play videos and music, share files, or save them for editing and offline viewing.

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