• Smart Mode

    Auto-adjust memory and CPU based on your computer usage.
  • Turbo Mode

    Allows your backup to run in full speed.
  • Power Saving Mode

    Saves power when running on batteries, stops when critical.
  • Game/Movie Mode

    Pauses and prevents pop-ups while playing games, watching movies or presentations.
  • Pause/Resume backups

    Control when to pause and resume backups.
  • Parallel block level

    Enhanced processing for faster block level backups.

Disaster Recovery

  • Smart Disaster Recovery selection

    Selects system and program files for a complete disaster recovery.
  • Multiple Startup Disk recovery options

    Startup your system with boot options (USB device, or an ISO image that can be placed on a CD).
  • Easy restore

    Simple 3-step restore that locates backups and generates all restore points automatically.
  • Multiple recovery points

    Select which recovery point to rollback to.


  • System Tray icon

    Hover over the Genie Timeline agent for a quick glance of the backup status.
  • Include or exclude from backup with a click

    Simply right click any file on your computer to add or exclude from backup.
  • Open backed up files with a double click

    Browse “Timeline Explorer”  to view and access any backed up file.

  • Multiple Languages

    Genie Timeline comes in 6 languages.

Mobile Devices

  • iPhone/iPad/iPod

    Backup all of the synced files from your iPhone/iPad/iPod through iTunes to your computer.
  • iPhone/iPad monitor

    Monitor your backup health on the go with this free app.

Save Space

  • Compression

    Backup with compression to save space.
  • Block Level Backups

    Takes block changes of large files rather than the entire file.
  • Machine level deduplication

    Detects multiple copies of a file and only backs up one and references the others to this copy.
  • File retention

    Specify when Genie Timeline should delete versions by size or days or disable retention completely.
  • Automatic purge of old versions

    Deletes older versions of files when drive space is low.

On the go

  • Plug ’n Backup

    Monitors changes while drive is disconnected; resumes once reconnected without any intervention.
  • Email notification

    Sends backup status to your inbox.
  • iPhone/iPad monitor

    Monitor your backup health on the go with this free app.
  • Power Saving Mode

    Saves power when running on batteries; stops when critical.
  • Native Backup

    Access any version of backed up files without the need for Genie Timeline.
  • Power down Computer

    Set Genie Timeline to shutdown, sleep or hibernate computer after scheduled backup completes.


  • Email

    Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Windows Live Mail emails and contacts.
  • My Documents

    All files and folders in My Documents folder including the Downloads folder.
  • Music

    All music files in your user account
  • Bookmarks

    All bookmarks for IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.
  • Office Files

    All files created by Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Visio, Publisher, and Project files.
  • Miscellaneous

    Compressed files, ISO images, Virtual machine images.
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod

    Backup all of the synced files from your iPhone/iPad/iPod through iTunes to your computer.
  • Desktop

    All files and folders on your Desktop area.
  • Pictures

    Pictures, photos, and images in your user account
  • Videos

    Video files in your user account
  • Financial Files

    All financial files created by MS Money, QuickBooks, Quicken, TurboTax, TaxCut, and Peachtree.
  • eBooks and PDF files

    EBooks and portable files from Kindle, Adobe, Microsoft, and more.
  • Any other file/folder

    Select files/folders directly from the software or simply right-click any file on your PC to add to backup.

Backup Drives

  • Any drive

    No need for a dedicated backup drive.
  • NAS and network storages

    Backup to any accessible remote location.
  • Removable Media

    Backup to any removable USB device; disconnect
    and reconnect at anytime to resume backup.

Windows Native support

  • Right click options

    Add/exclude files, or view deleted files and all versions with a simple right click.
  • Explore Timeline

    Browse a “Timeline view” of the location you are in.
  • Backup markers

    Files are stamped with identifiers to show their status.
  • Timeline Explorer

    Integrates a slider into the familiar folder view, to easily view backed up data.

Simple and easy

  • Backup Setup

    Setup your backup in 3 simple steps.
  • Restore

    Step by step wizard-based restore.
  • Smart Selections

    Pre-defined profiles of your most important data.


  • IntelliCDP

    Intelligently backs up your data at different time intervals based on file types and size, keeping a healthy balance between system performance and protection.
  • No Backup Zone

    Drag and drop files into the No Backup Zone to exclude them from your backup.
  • Backup on your schedule

    Let Genie Timeline backup use IntelliCDP or backup your files on a specified Time interval.
  • Security

    Secure your backup with 256-AES military-grade encryption.

  • Versions

    Backups are kept for the past 4 hours, hourly backups for the past 48 hours, daily backups for the past week, and weekly backups onwards.
  • Automatic resume

    Close the lid of the laptop, lose power, or disconnect your drives, Genie Timeline will pick up wherever it left off.
  • Open and locked files

    Without interrupting your work; Genie Timeline utilizes Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) to unlock your open files.


  • Protection level

    Monitor the health of your backup as it lessens or changes.
  • Backup marker

    Files and folders are stamped with identifiers to show their status.
  • Backup drive monitor

    Monitors free space and when your drive is accessible for backup.
  • Email notification

    Get information on your backup status directly to your inbox.
  • iPhone/iPad monitor

    Monitor your backup health on the go with this free app.
  • System Tray Agent

    Get your backup status, explore, or search your backup with a click on the agent.
  • Backup Breakdown

    Informative charts to get a clear picture and understand details of what is being backed up.
  • Dashboard

    A brief and comprehensive view of your backup. Moreover, means to control backup runs, modify selections, search your backup, and restore files.
  • No nag Pop-ups

    Pop-ups are rare unless urgent attention is required.

Restore/View files

  • Search

    A lightweight search that swiftly locates file versions.
  • Advanced Restore

    Select any or all data to restore with a user-friendly wizard.
  • Native Backups

    Restore any version of backed up files without the need of Genie Timeline software.
  • Timeline Explorer

    Go back in time with the Timeline Slider to access any version of backed up data.
  • Deleted files

    Right-click the location you have accidently deleted a file from and simply recover it.
  • Show Versions

    Undo mistakes by reverting to an older version of the file with a right click.

Supported Platforms

  • Hardware

    Pentium IV or equivalent and above or AMD equivalent
    1 GB RAM
    200 MB free disk space
  • Windows Vista

    Home Basic edition
    Home Premium edition
    Business edition
    Ultimate edition
    32-bit and 64-bit platforms
  • Windows 8- 10

    Windows 8
    Windows 8 Pro
    Windows 10
    Windows 10 Pro
    32-bit and 64-bit platforms
  • Windows XP

    Professional edition
    Home edition
    Latest service packs installed
    32-bit and 64-bit platforms
  • Windows 7

    Home Premium edition
    Professional edition
    Ultimate edition
    32-bit and 64-bit platforms

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