Why Genie Timeline?

Genie Timeline makes it easy to continuously protect all your files

no matter where they are stored; on your computer, external and

network drives. Genie Timeline works automatically to protect new

and changed files without any intervention.


Effortless protection for all your files

Configure your backup in 3 simple steps and you’re done! Genie Timeline scans for all your file selections from any location and backs them up.


Go back in Time

Use the Timeline to recover any

file at a specific point of time.


Recover deleted files

Undo mistakes with a right-click.


Track your backup wherever you go
Use Genie Timeline mobile app for live feedback of your backup status or get email notifications of your backup status to your inbox.


Access your backed up files

without the need of the software

Use backup without compression so you can view your backed up files in their native form from any computer.

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