For Mobile Operators & ISPs

Add greater value to your service.

Are you a mobile provider looking to transform the way your subscribers can backup and access their data on the cloud? You’ve come to the right place.
BigMIND offers a fully automated A.I. Cloud, which mobile operators can now monetize, offering real value to their user base and increasing loyalty at the same time.
The Benefits For Customers?

Ultra-Secure Backup – We use the same security infrastructure as Netflix & NASA.

Media streaming – Watch HD & 4K video without buffering. Stream audio files without skipping a beat.

photo detection – find precious moments by objects that appear within an image.

Unified Cloud – Backup your Dropbox and Facebook accounts into one central location.

Share Securely – The capability to share any file across laptops, computers and mobile devices – no matter the size.

The Benefits For You?

Monetize the offering – Set your own prices.

Increased loyalty – lower your churn rate.

Cutting-edge technology.

Integrate any payment system.

Quick to deploy.

Fully white-label iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows apps as your own.

If you want to learn more, please contact us today.

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